Football Defense

America’s Top Team Sport? That Killer Stat!

  1. “One Stat Explains Why College Basketball Is Better Than Football … College football hasn’t had a new title winner since the 1990s” Rachel Bachman WSJ 3/20/21
  2. Football is the most ICONIC American sport. Baseball is (or used to be?) our ubiquitous NATIONAL PASTIME.
  3. But look at this:
  4. Leading Team Sports Based on ‘Core’ Participants (age 6 and above; 2007 participants; U.S. residents.) Data from SGMA (Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association) Published by SFIA (Sports & Fitness Industry Association) “The American Sports Scene: An Analysis of Sports Participation in the U.S.” 5/14/2008.
Rank/SportCore ParticipantsTotal Participants% of Core Participants
Basketball18,005,000 (13+ days)26,019,00069.2%
Baseball11,565,000 (13+ days)16,054,00072.0%
Touch Football6,445,000 (13+ days)13,009,00049.5%
Outdoor Soccer6,366,000 (13+ days)13,840,00046.0%
Slow-Pitch Softball6,070,000 (13+ days)9,485,00064.0%

Well, there you are. You can’t play baseball or football in your driveway.

Anyone interested should vote with their arms & legs


(How about some rodeo action?)

CHEERS from Bobby