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Joe Montana or Tom Brady?

You really care?

Yo! It’s a team sport, y’all

Who’s the greatest of all time – the GOAT? Who cares?
Guys are enjoying spending lots of their valuable time arguing about who’s the GOAT, Joe Montana or Tom Brady? Joe has put in his 2-cents a couple of times, confusing people by giving different answers. Jerry Rice has been quoted too. Both he and Joe are right to emphasize that the game has changed. Joe wisely brought up Otto Graham from the pre-Super-Bowl era. You guys that are yapping now, would you remember what he did and what he believed? But why isn’t any of them reminding us that it’s a TEAM SPORT ?
It makes more sense to talk and argue that way. Have a second look at those games where Joe got his nickname as “the comeback kid.”1975 Notre Dame vs North Carolina where he came in a a reliever with only 5:33 to play & they scored 15 unanswered points to win. Very next game vs. Air Force, again playing only in the fourth quarter & scoring 21 unanswered points to win.1977 vs. Purdue he again played only the last ten minutes & they scored 17 unanswered points to win. Cotton Bowls 1978 & 1979 also legendary. Go ahead. Take another look.
Yeah, he scored lots of fourth quarter points, but how? And why were they UNANSWERED? HOW was it that first-ranked Texas only scored 10 points against them in the huge upset at the 1978 Cotton Bowl game?UNANSWERED BECAUSE the defense stopped the opponents dead and came up with the needed turnovers. Spectacular defensive play. Have a look.
Another thing, most of the plays then were still runs. Their blocking for the run plays was great. Remember backs Ferguson & Heavens? But look at the holes they ran through and their leading blockers. Likewise the pass defense. Sometimes Montana was throwing from a 10-yard-wide pocket!
it’s a TEAM SPORT, right?

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